Patient Information

Below find information for new and existing patients regarding appointments, results, private information and more.


Registering for a Family Physician

  • If you are new to our Clinic, each member of your family needs to be registered at the Clinic. 
  • To register, come into the clinic and bring two pieces of ID, one of which must have your current Vanderhoof physical address (Drivers Licence, phone bill, hydro bill etc.). Only individuals with a Vanderhoof address can register at the Omineca Medical Clinic. Also bring the necessary information to transfer your medical records to the Omineca Medical Clinic.
  • We encourage patients to be attached to a Provider. We currently have at least 3 physicians who are accepting new patients: Dr. Lee, Dr. Shojaie, and Dr. Whittaker.
  • Even if you do not have a Family Physician, you can still receive care at the Omineca Medical Clinic. We will offer you the next available appointment with one of our Physicians.



  • Appointments can be booked in-person or by telephone during our regular business hours.
  • We are offering telephone, Zoom, or in-person appointments. If possible, please let our receptionists know the general nature of your visit so that they can book the appropriate amount of time for the appointment.
  • Same Day appointments are available each day for urgent issues. We encourage you to phone first thing in the morning as these appointments are filled quickly. We try and book you with your Family Physician for these Same Day appointments, however this is not always possible.
  • If you must cancel your appointment, we appreciate at least 24 hours notice so that we have the opportunity to offer the appointment to another patient. Failure to cancel at least one hour ahead of time may result in a missed appointment fee.
  • For consultation appointments or appointments with extra time booked, we require at least 24 hours notice for cancellation. These missed appointments (without the required notice) will also result in a missed appointment fee. The consultation appointment can not be rebooked until payment is received.
  • If your appointment is delayed or cancelled because your Physician is called away to the hospital to deal with an emergency or a maternity patient (as sometimes happens), please accept our apologies. We will endeavour to rebook your appointment as soon as possible.
  • The Omineca Medical Clinic has an automated appointment reminder system in place. Patients with booked appointments will receive a reminder phone call two days prior to their appointment.
  • At this time, all patients must wear a medical grade face mask for in-person medical appointments at the office. We will provide patients with masks.
  • If you have a telephone appointment scheduled, please ensure that your phone is set to accept “no caller ID” phone calls as many Providers are calling patients from their personal cell phones.  Be prepared for your phone call but remember the actual call may come +/- 10 – 15 minutes sooner or later than scheduled.


Prescription Renewals Without an Appointment

  • If you require a prescription renewal urgently and are unable to make an appointment before your medication runs out, there will be a $10.00 charge to renew and pick up your prescription without an appointment. This is up to the individual provider’s discretion. The prescription will only be for a one (1) month supply of medication, during which you will need to see your own Family Physician for assessment and further prescription renewals. The receptionist will book this appointment for you before you pick up your prescription.  Patients are strongly encouraged to keep track of the status of their refills and book appointments for prescription renewals well ahead time.  By planning ahead, you will avoid interruptions in treatment.


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Getting Results

  • All test results and reports are reviewed by Physicians daily.  We do not routinely call patients regarding normal test results.  Patients with abnormal results will be contacted to come in for a follow up appointment as directed by your Physician.
  • Our Reception staff are not permitted to give out test results over the phone without prior authorization from your Physician.  Patients are encouraged to book an appointment with their Family Physician to discuss test results.
  • As a general rule, Physicians can not take patient phone calls during clinics.  Our Reception staff can relay messages to your Physician or direct your call to one of our Nursing staff for further assistance.


Resident Physicians & Medical Students

  • Omineca Medical Clinic is a Family Practice teaching facility, affiliated with the University of British Columbia.  As such, we often have Resident Physicians working at the Clinic and St. John Hospital.
  • Residents are Medical Doctors who have completed medical school and are in a 2 year postgraduate training program in Family Medicine.  They work under the supervision of our Physicians while they complete their rotation in Vanderhoof.
  • We also frequently have Medical Students working with our Physicians.  You will be asked if the Medical Students can be involved in your care.  We encourage you to assist with the training of our future Doctors!



  • Although most problems can be handled by your family doctor, sometimes a referral to a medical specialist is required. 
  • Typically, referrals are arranged after a seeing your Family Physician for a pre-consultation assessment and investigations.
  • Referrals are organized by one of our office staff under the direction of your Physician.  In most cases, you will be contacted by the Specialist’s office with the date and time of your consultation appointment.


Uninsured Services

  • Please be aware that there are a number of services that are not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) – for example, the completion of most forms, the transfer of medical records, missed appointment fees and other not medically required’ services. Click here for detailed information on our private fees, or speak to one of our Front Reception staff.  
  • Fees for services not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) are the responsibility of the patient.  For your convenience, our office accepts the following forms of payment:  cash, debit card, major credit card, and cheques.  Payment for uninsured services is due upon receipt of service.


Patient Records

  • The Omineca Medical Clinic has been utilizing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system since November 2010 with excellent results.  Our EMR interfaces with the Northern Health Labs and the Imaging departments to ensure rapid and accurate recporting of test results.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of your medical information is very important to us. We employ a number of strict office policies and technological safeguards to protect your medical records.  Patient information will not be released to third parties without a signed release of information (ROI) form except when Physicians are required to do so by law.
  • You are entitled to view your medical records and receive photocopies if you choose. However, patients must make prior arrangements with our office to do so. Patients viewing paper charts or computer records will be accompanied by a staff member who can provide assistance and answer general questions. There is a fee for the photocopying of medical records.


Personal Information

  • Please help us keep our records up to date by informing us of any changes to your contact information or medical coverage. This will help our office run efficiently and avoid unnecessary delays in contacting you when follow up is required.


Office Behaviour

  • Our primary goal is to provide timely and professional health care to our patients.  We do our best to provide excellent service in a helpful and courteous manner.
  • Rude patient behavior and offensive language will not be tolerated by Physicians or office staff.  Violent acts, threats of violence, or aggressive behavior will result in the termination of services provided to you by Omineca Medical Clinic, removal from our facility, and /or prosecution.
  • If you feel your needs are not being adequately addressed, please ask to speak to the Front Reception Manager, Gurwinder Lilly, or the Office Manager, Jennifer Little.  We are open to hearing your concerns and committed to addressing any difficulties you are encountering.


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