Uninsured Services

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not pay for all medical services. Below is a partial list of our private office fees.

All fees charged are consistent with BCMA guidelines and are subject to change. Please confirm with our Front Reception Staff if you have any questions regarding our private fees.

The Omineca Medical Clinic collects GST according to the Excise Tax Act to the Supply of Medical Examinations, Reports and Certificates.

GST #8799699996RT0001

*Prices include GST.

(Partial List – as of June 1, 2023)
** Subject to change**



Certificate and form fee
Subsequent form fee


EI Form Fee


Short Form Medicals
(not requiring a full exam – i.e adoption, school, sports, firefighting etc)


College Medicals – short form


First Aid Medicals


Pre-employment/ Hope Adoption medical


Daycare/ Pre RCMP Pare


Preadmission Treatment Medicals


Driver’s Medicals


D.O.T. Medicals (Pilot’s Medical)


Circumcision – infant (in office)


Missed appointment fees – regular


Missed appointment fees – for GST related service


Missed appointment fees – consult/extra time


Transfer of Medical Records


Photocopying per page


24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor


Holter Monitor Fee