Dr. Suzanne Campbell

Family Practice • Emergency Medicine • Obstetrics • GP Oncology

I grew up outside Vancouver and completed my BSc and medical degree at UBC. I then travelled to Kingston, Ontario to complete my family medicine residency at Queen's University. From there, I spent 5 years in a remote community in Northern Ontario before moving back to BC. In 2006 my husband and I arrived in Vanderhoof with our 2 young children and we were instantly attracted to this beautiful, friendly and active community. Our third child joined our lives the following year. I love family medicine in Vanderhoof. It is a privilege to be a part of peoples' lives, the celebrations and the challenges, from birth to death. The supportive and talented medical community here is unique and I cherish being able to work with such a great team. Outside of medicine, I love the river - walking beside it, swimming in it, skating on it (my all-time favorite). I also love to read, to bake, to play games, ride horses, garden (weeding the asparagus bed is my stress relief) and I just started learning the piano. Horses, dogs and cats complete our lives here and keep us busy.


Dr. Douwette Coetzee

Family Practice • Obstetrics • Manor Physician

Dr. Another Example

I was born and raised in South Africa. My father was a family physician in a rural town and his caring way of practising family medicine, triggered a desire in me to follow in his footsteps. I attended Orange Girl's School in Bloemfontein and graduated grade 12 in 1977. I studied medicine at the University of the Orange Free State from 1978 and graduated December 1983. I started dating the love of my life, Lukas Klopper, during my third year and married him December 1981.

We moved to Bethlehem, a beautiful rural town near the Maluti Mountains where I completed my internship at the end of 1984. I worked full time in the two local hospitals until the birth of our eldest son, Hendrik, in 1991. After 6 months of maternity leave, I worked simultaneously part- time as a sessional ER , surgical and maternity doctor in the two hospitals, and part-time in private family medicine practice. We were very blessed with the births of two more sons - Louis in 1994 and Douw in 1997.

Dr Michael Wright, North Peace Medical Clinic, in Fort St John, BC, asked me to work as a locum for Dr Markus Klaus, in his practice Dec 2003 - Jan 2004 and again for the summer and early fall of 2004. This time we took the boys along and they really enjoyed the visit to Canada! Lukas and I wrote our evaluating medical exam during Sept 2004.

I was offered a permanent position in the North Peace Medical clinic, Lukas in another clinic and we decided to emigrate to Canada in June 2005. Dr Michael Wright was and still is my mentor in Canada. We completed our LMCC 1 and 11 exams in 2006. We moved to Vanderhoof in 2007 to join the Omineca Medical Clinic family practise. Canada became our home since emigration and we were very proud to become Canadian citizens on June 28, 2012!

My main medical interest is family practise with GP obstetrics, Healthy eating for Life group clinics and I started working in the Stuart Nechako Manor in Nov 2012. GP geriatrics was one of my father's passions too.

My other passions in life are my family,quilting, knitting and playing French Horn in Gordon Lucas's Northern Orchestra. There is ample opportunities to pursue these passions in Vanderhoof. I just love living in Vanderhoof - it is a beautiful quaint rural town in the North with a friendly embracing community!


Dr. Micaela Coombs

Family Medicine • Emergency Medicine • GP Cardiology

Dr. Micaela Coombs

I grew up in rural southern Ontario, and have always wanted to be a family doctor in a small town. I did my undergrad and medical school at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario before heading west. My residency training took me all over BC and the NWT before moving to Vanderhoof. My partner and I enjoy the hiking, camping, fishing etc. that this area has to offer!




Dr. Peter de Vos

Family Practice • Obstetrics • GP Surgery

Dr. Peter Devos

I am originally from South Africa and have been a physician in Vanderhoof for over 20 years. I have two sons who are heavily involved with sports, especialy hockey. With my wife, I enjoy the outdoors and have a passion for photography.




Dr. Kurt Deschner

Family Pracitce • Emergency Medicine • GP Anesthetics

Biography pending.


Dr. Davy Dhillon - Chief of Staff, St. John Hospital

Family Practice • Emergency Medicine • GP Oncology • GP Anesthetics

Dr. Davy Dhillon

Dr. Davy Dhillon grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and attended Medical School at McMaster University in Hamilton. He then did his Rural GP residency through the University of British Columbia. During this time he had his first exposure to Vanderhoof and spent a total of six months here which was a fantastic experience. Shortly after graduating from residency he did some work in Africa with MSF (Doctor's Without Borders), and then travelled north to Inuvik, NWT, to practice medicine. This is where he met his wife, Zoe. They moved to Calgary where Davy did the GP Anesthetics residency for one year. This was followed by two years in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, before they moved here, to Vanderhoof, in 2008. They enjoy running, x-country skiing and just generally being outdoors along with their 3 daughters.


Dr. Nicole Ebert

Family Practice • Obstetrics • Emergency Medicine

Dr. Nicole Ebert

I grew up in Prince George, graduated from PGSS then headed to UBC where I did three years of a physiology degree before getting into UBC Medicine. After medicine I drove out to the maritimes for 2 years of family medicine residency training. After working for bit, my husband and I went off to Tasmania, Australia for a year where I learned to do C-sections. We arrived in Vanderhoof in February 1998 and have been here ever since.

I enjoy the variety that family medicine offers including geriatrics and have been working at the extended care facility since shortly after I arrived here. We have 3 children and enjoy many sports including running, biking, cross country skiing and speedskating. We are also involved in music - singing with the Apple Chors, playing piano etc.


Dr. Sean Ebert

Emergency Medicine • Endoscopy • GP Anesthetics

Dr. Sean Ebert

Raised near Prince George, I completed a BSc at the University of Alberta before entering medicine at UBC. I completed post graduate training in Family Practice and Anaesthesia. After getting married, Nicole and I spent a year in Australia furthering our training before returning to settle in Vanderhoof in 1998.

We have 3 children and are fortunate to live on a small acreage enjoying the many gifts that rural life has to offer. Our spare time is filled with sports, outdoor recreation, music and travel. I continue to do office and hospital work along with an increasing amount of medical administration.

I will continue to devote my time and energies to improving the health of our local population and communities.


Dr. Alison Fine

Family Medicine • Emergency Medicine • GP Surgery • Endoscopy • Obstetrics

Alison Fine

I am originally from Ontario and attended medical school at Western University in London, Ontario. I completed my family medicine residency in the Northern Remote program through the University of Manitoba. In my first year of practice I split my time between rural Manitoba and the Surgical ICU in Winnipeg. I reentered training in the Enhanced Surgical Skills program in Prince Albert Saskatchewan the following year with the goal of supporting rural obstetrics and surgery. 

I first visited Vanderhoof as a tree planter and was excited to return as a general practitioner surgeon. Outside of work I enjoy running, biking, camping and walking my large mutt.   Dr. Fine’s Procedure list.


Dr. Shu Ho

Emergency Medicine • GP Cardiology • GP Anesthetics

Shu Ho

I grew up in Abbotsford and did both my Bachelors degree in Pharmacy and my medical school through UBC. I started working in Vanderhoof near the end of my family medicine residency in Prince George, and I was grateful for the opportunity to begin my practice here at St John Hospital and the Omineca Medical Clinic. In 2014 I completed my FP-Anesthesia training through UBC and further cardiac education for stress testing, and I continue to appreciate the ability to be part of Vanderhoof’s OR, ER, and stress testing services. 


Dr. Rebecca Janssen

Family Practice • Obstetrics • Emergency Medicine • Mental Health • Palliative Care

Dr. Another Example

I was born in North Dakota where my father worked as a rural GP. We moved back to Canada when I was a young child, and I was raised in Southwestern Ontario. I attended the University of Western Ontario for both my Bachelor of Science and Medical Doctor degrees. I moved to Victoria, BC to complete my residency training in Family Practice from UBC. 

Shortly after moving to Vanderhoof, I met a local fella here in town named Mitch. We are married and have three young children named Tommy, Alex, and Claire. Life at home is pretty busy juggling the demands of being a wife and mom. You may well see me packing my little "helpers" into the hospital on any given day!  We enjoy camping, fishing. hunting anc caring for our lttle flock of chickens.


Dr. Aryn Khan

Family Practice • Emergency Medicine • Obstetrics

Aryn Khan

 I was born in Burns Lake BC and always dreamed of becoming a rural family doctor.  The road was a bit windy, as I previously worked in laboratory sciences, biochemical sales, and as a registered dietitian.  I also took a few years to travel and study abroad in England where I met my husband Reza. In 2009, I started my medical degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. I managed to juggle having our first daughter Lauren between medical school and residency without taking any time off and still found time to snowboard, volunteer in Cambodia, partake in the MS off road bike tour in Hinton, and enjoy window shopping at West Ed mall.

We moved to Vanderhoof in March 2016. I am so fortunately to be able to practice close to family and friends where I grew up, but also in such a close community with loads of activities, opportunities for our family to enjoy the outdoors and an amazing group of peers. 

I love being a rural family doctor who sees a full scope of patients. I practice obstetrics with a call group, work in the ER, offer circumcisions, lumps and bumps removals, and have a full clinic practice. 

I absolutely love coffee, visiting with friends and family, camping, fishing, travelling, kickboxing, biking, and gardening.  My life is crazy busy with three amazing kids, two dogs, three cats, one husband and the best job in the world: Rural family medicine in Vanderhoof!


Dr. Lukas Klopper

Family Practice • GP Surgery

Dr. Another Example

Growing up in South Africa as the youngest brother with 2 sisters, I had the good fortune to spend a lot of time on the family farm on weekends and holidays. Hunting, horse riding and healthy fun was always something to look forward to after school in the city.

After graduating from medical school in University of the Free State at the end of 1981 (where I met and married my lovely wife), I spent additional time training in anesthetics & O&G while waiting for my wife to complete her medical study. After her graduation we moved to Bethlehem, South Africa, in the scenic Eastern Free Sate, close to the Maluti Mountains. We worked in the local hospitals where I continued my interest & further training in surgery, while still involved in general family practice. I started private GP practice in 1990 in partnership. We were blessed with the arrival of three boys, all 3 years apart.

After my wife was asked to locum in Fort St John in 2003, I decided to locum in a different clinic at the same time. We enjoyed the new challenge so much that we decided to emigrate to the friendly people of Canada in 2005 which has since become our home. We moved to Vanderhoof from Fort St John in 2007 and our family was very privileged to attain Canadian Citizenship in 2012, on the exact 18th birthday of our middle son!

My main medical interest is performing GP surgical procedures while involved in general family practice. I still enjoy the great outdoors with fly fishing, camping, quadding, cycling and swimming.

Dr. Gideon Lamprecht

Family Practice • Emergency Medicine • GP Anesthetics

Dr. Gideon Lamprecht

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1999 from the University of the Free State in South Africa. I then completed a Diploma in Anesthestics in 2002 through the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. I joined the Omineca Medical Clinic in Vanderhoof in February 2003. In 2007 I completed the Canadian Medical Degree.

My scope of practice is Family Medicine, GP Anesthetics, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalized Care. I am a family man and I enjoy motorcycling, sailing, fly-fishing, skiing, stargazing and playing the cello in the Northern Orchestra. Je suis un citoyen canadien depuis 2012 :)


Dr. Mike Makin

Family Practice • Obstetrics • Paediatrics • GP Surgery • Sports Medicine • Preventative Medicine

Dr. Mike Makin

I grew up in South Africa and graduated from the University of Cape Town (where the world's first heart transplant was performed) in 1980. I spent two years in the army as a Doctor and then did two years of specialty training in Ob/Gyn before coming to Canada for a six month working holiday. Twenty-six years and three children later, I am a proud Canadian and hockey fanatic!

My passion is sport, most notably golf, hockey, rugby, football, soccer, baseball and basketball. My other source of entertainment is playing cards, especially bridge and poker! I am very happily married to Sally, who has kept me going through some of the difficult patches that Doctors in small towns must deal with. I have three lovely children who have caused premature baldness in me, but are lots of fun to be around.

My medical interests are; Ob/Gyn, Paediatrics, Surgery, Sports Medicine and Preventative Medicine. I have no retirement plans at present, but I ensure that I take my full holiday allowance to travel. I feel very privileged to live in the community of Vanderhoof and I have enjoyed all the opportunities that northern rural life has to offer.


Dr. Edwin Obarisiagbon

Family Medicine • Emergency Medicine

Biography pending.


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