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When to get Tested for COVID-19

(Updated October 2021)

Please follow the current BCCDC guidelines for when to get tested for COVID-19:
When_to_get_tested.pdf (bccdc.ca)

Or complete the online BC Self-Assessment Tool:  https://bc.thrive.health/

» Please go to our COVID-19 page for more information and links related to the Coronavirus and medical care in Vanderhoof.


WelcomeChecking ear health

The Omineca Medical Clinic has been proudly serving the health care needs of Vanderhoof and the surrounding area for over 50 years. Since opening our doors in 1969, the Omineca Medical Clinic has been dedicated to providing timely, professional, and expert care for patients. As a full service Family Practice, our medical team is committed to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness. 

We offer a full range of health care services to our patients including the management of acute and chronic illnesses for people of all ages, preventative medicine, prenatal and newborn care, minor office procedures, and group medical appointments. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

PAP Clinics

We are offering pap only clinics on a regular basis in an effort to improve accessibility for patients. The pap clinics are staffed by female Doctors and are intended for pap tests only. Patients who are due for testing will receive an automated reminder phone call. The BC Cancer Cervix Screening Program will also be mailing out reminders. Please call our office to book an appointment at (250) 567-2201. Patients will be screened for COVID symptoms prior to entering the clinic. If you are feeling unwell, please cancel and rebook.

Pap Clinics
October 8 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Esther Ho, NP)

COVID-19 Test Booking Form

There are a few options to book a COVID-19 test. Please go to:
» NH COVID-19 Test Booking Form

» call: NH COVID-19 / Virtual Clinic line (1-844-645-7811)

The Omineca Medical Clinic is trying to offer phone appointments with a Physician or our Nurse Practitioner daily during regular business hours for COVID-19 assessments and for those who feel they need to be tested.  Patients can also call the office to see what is available.

COVID-19 Vaccine News (October 2021)

» Please read the October 7th Statement from Dr. Janssen.

As we continue to see a surge in cases of COVID-19 in Vanderhoof and across the Northern Health region, new public health orders have been introduced for the Northern Health Authority region as of September 2nd, 2021:  New health measures introduced for Northern Health region | Stories

All people age 12 and up are strongly encouraged to get immunized which will provide the best source of protection against COVID-19. Check the NH website regularly for COVID vaccine clinics, as new pop-up clinics are added frequently.

For October, COVID-19 vaccination clinics are being held at the Vanderhoof Health Unit on the following dates:

Vanderhoof and area (includes Saik'uz First Nation - surrounding communities may differ.


Every Thursday in October - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Where: Vanderhoof Health Unit, 3299 Hospital Rd, Vanderhoof

12+ booked appointment are priority
Drop-ins welcome, space is limited

To book an appointment:

Go to https://gov.bc.ca/getvaccinated to register and book online.

Or, call the provincial call centre at 1-833-838-2323 for additional help or if you do not have a personal health number.

Your vaccination appointment date, time and location will be given to you upon booking. 

Your appointment will take approximately 10 minutes. Following your immunization, you will be asked to wait an additional 15 minutes in a designated waiting area before leaving the clinic.

Please continue to do all that you can to prevent the spread of the virus as per the current Public Health Orders. Go to the RestartBC website to learn more.

About COVID-19

(October 2021) COVID-19 cases, including confirmed cases of the Delta variant, are increasing in the community and the larger Northern Health region.  As such, the province has implemented some new temporary health orders to manage the COVID activity:  New health measures introduced for Northern Health region | Stories. These measures will stay in place until Northern Health experiences lower cases and higher vaccination rates.

Our office continues to offer some in-person appointments but telephone and virtual appointments are also still available, as appropriate.  Our front door remains locked and patients will be screened at the door before entry.    A medical grade face mask for in-office appointments is still required for your safety and the safety of others.  You will be provided with a medical mask to wear in our office.

Please call us ahead at (250) 567-2201 to discuss health care needs.  Your Provider will help us determine the most appropriate type of appointment needed. 

The Northern Health Virtual and Primary Care Clinic (COVID-19 hotline) is still operating and those with questions about COVID-19 testing can also call 1-844-645-7811.

Other trusted links for COVID-19 information include:

BC Centre for Disease Control

HealthLink BC COVID-19 page


Health Canada FAQ

COVID-19 content in other languages

COVID-19 information and resources


Virtual Care Appointments - Using Zoom

Many of our Providers are now routinely offering the option of virtual care appointments using a medically secure version of Zoom. Zoom is a cloud-based internet platform that allows people to connect through video and audio conferencing. Zoom virtual care appointments are a great option for medical issues that do not require an in-person office visit. If your Provider feels that you need an in-person follow up, we will assist you in scheduling an office appointment.

To book a Zoom appointment you must contact our office at (250) 567-2201. These appointments must be booked in advance. Please check out our virtual care webpage for further details.

About COVID-19

DECEMBER 2020 - As the number of COVID-19 cases has continued to climb in the province and our region over the past several months, it is more important than ever to continue with the steps to prevent the spread of the virus in our communities such as wearing masks when out in public spaces, limiting contacts to our immediate household members, and frequent handwashing. We must all remain vigilant to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19 in our region.

Our COVID-19 safety plan allows us to offer some in-person office appointments but we are following strict protocols as recommended by the BCCDC, Worksafe BC, and the Provincial Medical Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. These guidelines and policies have been implemented to ensure the safety of all patients, our Providers, and our staff.

We want to make sure you get the care you need

  • We continue to utilize telephone or virtual appointments, as clinically appropriate, whenever possible. However, we are starting to book a few more in-person visits such as Driver’s medicals and paps. Each day, we are limiting the number of patients that can be seen in-person at any one time to ensure safe physical distancing within the office.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of all areas within the office and have designated cleaning personnel to look after this work.
  • Our front doors will be locked at all times and patients must ring the doorbell for entry into the building. Patients will be screened for COVID-like symptoms and are expected to wear a medical grade face mask in the office, as well as, use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the building. Cloth face masks are no longer permitted. We will provide all patients with a disposable medical grade face mask as needed.
  • Most Prenatal appointments are still being scheduled in the office between 8:00–10:00 am. You will receive a hand-out outlining the changes at the hospital during your prenatal appointment.
  • Please call us ahead to discuss your healthcare needs: 250-567-2201. Your Doctor will talk with you to decide the most appropriate type of appointment for you.
  • These guidelines are subject to change. Please check our website frequently for updates.

» Please go to our COVID-19 page for more information and links related to the Coronavirus and medical care in Vanderhoof.


To avoid running out of your regular medications and interrupting your treatment, we ask for your cooperation in keeping track of your prescriptions.

  • Please book an office appointment 6 – 8 weeks before you need to renew your prescriptions.
  • Keep track on the calendar when the Pharmacist tells you the status of your refills.

Plan ahead for holidays – check with the Pharmacist for the availability of refills and book an office appointment if necessary.

Endoscopy Scope Video

Patients who have been referred to have a colonoscopy or gastroscopy must view this informational video. Please click here to view the video.